My name is Ali and I am a daughter of the King, a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, writer, and home school mom for 20 years.

I am married to Jim, the most wonderful friend I could ask for. He’s kind, gentle, full of grace and he loves the Lord Jesus!

We have four beautiful children, an amazing son-in-law, three grandchildren, two dogs, two cats, and a bird. We call ourselves Dr. and Mrs. Dolittle. Our Family is not perfect but we’re growing together, forgiving one another, and living in faith for the Lord.

A couple of years ago I made a new friend that frequently talked about blogging. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the concept. It sounded like posting a personal journal on line. I have kept a journal for years picturing my descendants as the audience while I wrote. Blogging sounded so public that I assumed it was only for famous people. Do you suppose I was mistaken?

Earlier this year I began writing a book called Conversations in Literature. Since 2002 I have facilitated a parent/child literature group designed to show families how much fun they can have sharing books together. The club makes reading the classics fun and academically agreeable. While the kids discover how much enjoyment can be found in the classics, the parents find it satisfying to see their children reading books they might not have chosen for themselves. The book I have written explains how to set up a group like mine from start to finish.

Recently, I attended a writer’s conference so I could pitch the book idea to an agent and editor. One of the speakers explained that a writer is invisible if she doesn’t have a website and if she isn’t blogging. Whew! I had to get busy but what would I blog about? I like the book I’ve written but I don’t know how to blog about it. I suppose at the heart of this book is my desire to help others grow closer to each other and to the Lord. I decided to create a website about literature clubs and write a blog that will help others in life. That was some weeks ago and here I am. The website is underway.  The blog is on its way. I am no longer invisible…I think. To view the website go to http://www.alident.org.

My first blog entry was unsettling. On the one hand, who even knows I exist and on the other what if someone knows I exist and they read my journal entry? I considered why I write and found a resting place about posting. I write because it is how I process information. I also love helping people.

I help friends organize and decorate their homes, help families gather together and learn to enjoy classical literature, choose their home school curriculum, and work out their personal problems simply by listening. I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. Conversations in Literature was written to help families create an environment to connect with each other and foster the joy of reading. Now I will rise to the website challenge and look for opportunities to lend a “blogging hand.”


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