Isn’t God Good!

My daughter, Matti, her husband, Jon and three little boys moved 300 miles away last Thursday. I was happy for them to move as we will follow them in a few months but I was also sad for them to go. I could feel her anxiety. She was scared. I suppose I will never stop wanting everything to be okay for my children. I hurt when they hurt. I get excited when they are excited. I love them.

I prayed everyday as they prepared to go, “Dear Lord, show them yourself. Let this move be an opportunity for them to learn the beauty of reliance upon you. Comfort them by showing them how beautiful, ever-present and powerful you are.”

As this sweet young family drove off Thursday morning I was still looking for words to encourage Matti. I knew they were going to be all right because they rest in the hand of God but I wanted her to know that too. My words were received with a blank stare and a sweet smile. There was nothing left to do but continue in prayer.

Six hours later I received a phone call, “Mom. I need encouragement. This place is grossing me out! The carpet is wet, filthy and it stinks!“ Jim, my husband,  was there to help them unload their moving trailer so I passed her off to him since he had a better view of the situation. I went to bed and prayed.

The next morning I called Jim and asked if he could go by and give her a hug before he headed home. He called me a couple of hours later and said he was so glad he went by to see them. The carpet was so dirty, that the children’s feet were black. They met with management and promptly received new carpet for the apartment.

Later in the day Matti called and said, “You know Mom, if the carpet hadn’t been so bad we wouldn’t have the opportunity to live on fresh clean carpet. Isn’t God good!”

God’s words go deeper than mine. He knows exactly how to speak so that we need not doubt. Too often we work and work to help someone with no avail. Our words fall on deaf ears. Not 24 hours out of town and the Lord was showing Matti he’s in control and worthy to be praised. He comforted me too by reminding me they are in the palm of his hand.

Isn’t God good!


3 thoughts on “Isn’t God Good!

    • Ali Dent says:

      How great is trusting God? His Sovereignty holds me fast.
      Experiencing the pain she suffered the week before they moved wrenched my heart. I felt like I would disintegrate into a thousand pieces if God were not sovereignly in control and absolutely good in all things BUT, because he is who he says he is, I had great comfort and hope. This not only prevented me from falling to pieces, but gave me peace and made me strong.

  1. Jennifer Flanders says:

    I was so encouraged to hear the news from Jon, but even happier to hear it from Matti’s perspective. We continue to pray for them, too, but I am excited to see what God does in their lives and hearts as they continue to yield them to Him.

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