Failure: The Forge of Excellence, by Kristen Lamb

“When I was a little child I dreamed of being a ___________. Then I traded in that dream for more practical dreams.”

Have you traded a dream for a  more practical one? Do you have a child who might be secretly thinking his dream is too impractical to follow? Have you asked him if he has a dream he thinks  you won’t get behind with your emotional and financial energies because his dream is impractical, won’t provide an income unless he’s at the top of the game, or you simply think people who do “that” are weird? Are you putting off a personal dream until “one day” in the future? What scares you?

If you’ve ever struggled with fear or loss, read Kristen Lamb’s personal story. I love you all and that is why I’m sending this story to you. Our stories are part of the Big Story, God’s Story. I want  you to be encouraged and blessed by seeing his handiwork in the forge of your life.

I would love to hear your responses to Kristen’s story.  How has God’s foundry changed your life and pressed you into a finer steal blade? You can leave your comments below.

Share your story. It’s important!


3 thoughts on “Failure: The Forge of Excellence, by Kristen Lamb

  1. Martha Brady says:

    this is a fantastically, amazing article. i wish every teen and young adult particularly could read it…and believe it! so true that we learn as much…often more, from our failures…particularly if we take ownership of them and don’t point blaming fingers at others. yes, they play a role, but the part we need to learn from…and the only part we can control, it what part did we contribute to the failure and what can we change to prevent being in that kind of position again…or do differently when we are! her article was great!
    it is especially good for those who only learn by doing! it would be nice if we could read everything in a book, do it and be done with it. unfortunately, that isn’t life! i’m reminded of the prodigal son, mentioned in more than one gospel (yes, i know it was a parable…but it could have happened as with all the parables. they were true-to-life stories.) who truly learned about forgiveness and the grace of God? the obedient and self-righteous son (and they don’t always go together!) or the son who messed up terribly…to the point of desperation. the only place he could turn was to his Father! Wow! what a place to be:)

  2. Ali Dent says:

    Matha, I love hearing your perspectives on life. We all have both prodigal sons living inside us reminding us of our propensity to chase after things other than the beautiful love of God. These reminders, which often hurt, are useful to make us better worshippers of God and less of ourselves.
    Love you!

  3. Kate MacNicol says:

    In my family if you failed at something it was the end of the world. You might as well not even try. Just give up.

    I lived like that for a long time. I loved doing things, trying new things, I was interested in everything and I was interested in people. I saw other people succeeding and I thought oh, they’re the special ones. Perhaps because I was so engaged in the world and truly had a desire to do some good that God brought the right people into my life who taught me that success is often built on many, many failures. It was a new and exciting concept for me. People who failed and kept on going to pursue their dreams. Wow!

    I’m so grateful for all these wonderful people in my life. Like Kristen says success isn’t built just by you, it’s built with a team of support and loving help from above.

    Thanks Ali. I needed to take some time to be grateful today.

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